About Feza Aazmi

writer, social and political analyst, lawyer, journalist and poet of repute. Feza Aazmi, in the last decade, has emerged as founder of a new genre of poetry, that is, a series of book-length poems on major national and global issues in their historical and analytical perspective. He is currently a major voice of reason in Urdu literature. He has written seven book-length poems on wide ranging topics. He is a well-travelled person, has resided for long periods in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, USA, Sudan, Yemen and India and has been exposed to the customs and cultures of different societies which fact is reflected in his writings.

Feza Aazmi is a graduate of law and practiced as a lawyer in early part of his career. He has penned six law books which are running in several editions -- Muslim law (21st edition); Law of Equity (15th edition). As a journalist and current affairs analyst he has two books to his credit on the Indo-Pak conflict on Kashmir, and on the amendment of Pakistan’s Constitution. He also holds Master’s Degree in Literature and Diploma in Photography from Allahabad University. As a journalist he contributed over 200 articles on current issues and social affairs in early part of his career

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As A Professional Associate Participated In The 1977 Seminar : Media And Society of The East West Communication Institute At
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