6. Khaak Main Sooratain (Urdu)
The plight of woman in its historical and cultural perspective;
(pages 240)

7. Zawal-e-Adam (Urdu)
Book lenght poem about (Decline of Man) decline of moral
values in the world and rise of culture of hypocrisy everywhere
and at every level (pages 160).

8. Jo Dil Pe Guzri Hay (Urdu)
(All that has Befallen the Heart) collection of lyrical
poems. (210 pages )

9. Moel Zameer Jo Marsiyo
translation in Sindhi language of Marsiya Marg-e-Zameer,
a lamentation on erosion of moral values in the world with
Pakistani society as case study.

10. Awaz-e-Shikastagi
(Urdu) Rejoinder to Huntington’s theory of the clash of
civilizations. (pages 246)

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