1. From the Graveyard of Civilizations,
Translation by Farzana Ahmad of Awaz-e-Shikastagi,
rejoinder to Huntington’s theory of the clash of civilizations.

2. To Dust Consigned,
Translation by Hasina Sajun of Khaak Main Sooraten,
Urdu poem on the plight of woman in its historical and
cultural perspective.

3. Death of Conscience,
Translation by Farzana Ahmad of Marsiya Marg-e-Zameer,
a lamentation on erosion of moral values in the world with
Pakistani society as case study.

4. The Agony Trail,
Translation of Azab-e-Hamsayagee,
a poetic narrative of the tragedy of India-Pakistan relations;

5.Teri Shabahat ke Da’eray Mayn (Urdu)
(In the Orbit of Your Likeness) collection of lyrical poems. (236 pages )

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