11. Azaab-e-Hamsaygee (Urdu)
(The Agony Trail) A poetic narrative of the tragedy
of India-Pakistan relations. (pages 206)

12. Marsiya Marg-e-Zameer (Urdu)
(Elegy on the Death of Conscience) a lamentation
on erosion of moral values in the world with Pakistani
society as a case study. (pages 270)

13. Shaa’er, Mahboob and Falsafi
(Poet, Philosopher and the Beloved) an allegorical converse
to explain, define and determine the real purpose of life.
(under publication)

14. Kursinama Pakistan (Urdu),
(Ode to the Chair of Pakistan) a commentary on the
troubled history of Pakistan’s ruling class, (pages 76)

15. In the Land Of The Pure & Beyond,
poetic response to the tragedy if 9/11 and the unfolding
of US strategy for hegemony. A deliration of the various
character imitating the social and political order of
the present day world highlighting the hypocrisy.
Revised and updated version of Marsiya Marg-e-Zameer
a lament on the erosion of moral values in the world,
in every social order with Pakistani society as a case
study with additional new chapters and Mathnavi Azaab-o-Thawab.