The Agony Trail
Khushwant Singh
“…Despite the atmosphere of hate that has pervaded since we became independent countries, the one small community which refused to hate are our men and women of letters. Pakistan had its Faiz and Qateel Shifai. It has Ahmad Faraz today. We had Ali Sardar Jafri and Kaifi Azmi and a host of Hindi and Punjabi writers: Bhisham Sahni, Yashpal, Amrita Pritam and numerous others…The latest example is poet Feza Aazmi."

Haqqani Al-Qasmi
“Feza Aazmi’s poem is marked by gushing flow of an epic, emotional exuberance of a lyric, robustness of a ballad and the subtleness of an ode. In short Feza Aazmi’s epic is Bang-e-Daraa and Zarb-e-Kaleem put together….”

Tabish Mehdi
“….In a culture where falsehood rules supreme and truth is hard to find Feza Aazmi has the courage to compose a poem with daring expose of facts. This sets him apart from others…one is at once reminded of Iqbal and Hali…He holds a place among the righteous and truthful..”

Dr Muhaqmmad Ali Siddiqi
“…the poem of Feza Aazmi has beautifully served the purpose of peaceful coexistence and he deserves congratulations that in the most violent phase of sub-continent when there seems corrosive darkness all around he has lit the torch of peace and security…”

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