Death Of Conscience
Hasan Abdi
“…if poetry does not relate to a topic, is devoid of purpose and is not didactic there is no justification for such a poetry in modern times . All these elements are the hallmark of Feza Aazmi’s poetry. Another great quality of his poems is the fact that once one starts reading these , one never gets weary. All great poetry is like that.”

Muslim Shamim
“…Feza Aazmi is a poet of vision. He is a poet of commitment - commitment towards life ,humanity and society. He is a dreamer ---dreamer of better world… He is not alone…From Faiz to Jalib there are score of poets who could not keep their conscience sleeping over the tragic events…”

Dr Wazir Agha
“…His command over the language is so immaculate that he can transform any idea , any event, any historical or cultural phenomena into a poem of lyrical beauty…He is a connoisseur of words. And words in their multiplicity appear to stand with folded hands at his doorstep . This gives a unique lucidity to his poetic compositions. The readability is such that once one begins to go through his poem, he gets absorbed and caught up in the wave of linguistic flow and floats on and on….”

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