Dr Manzoor Ahmed
“Feza Aazmi’s expression is not one-dimensional; if there is a complaint, there is an answer too, if there is a protest, there is a way out to overcome it, the scream leads to solace. His latest book Sounds of Silence has placed him among the ardent reformist poets whose pioneer is Altaf Husain Hali….”

From The Graveyard Of Civilization. (book)
Dr Anwar Sadeed
“…such an effective and thought-provoking poem is not to be found in Urdu literature…. It is now for the rulers not only to read it themselves but to ensure that it is made part of curricula of schools and colleges…”

From The Graveyard Of Civilization. (book)
Dr Aslam Farrukhi
“… I underwent a chilled feeling after going through Feza Aazmi’s poem… this highly soul-stirring poem is a gift from the present generation to the future generations…it embodies myriad facets of thought and action”.

Poet, Beloved and Philosopher
Prof. Dr. Farman FatehPuri.
"By Virtue of its romantic style and diction the nazm of Feza Azmi entitled ‘Poet, Philosopher and the beloved is on a par with those nazms of Faiz Ahmed Faiz are regarded the best in his Dast and Naqush-e-Faryadi. In their style and melodiousness and romantic content these are so intense and robust that one feels calling these as ghazals”

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